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Anonymous asked:

Speculation: part of the reason for Captain America and Thor getting replacements is to potentially pave the way for film replacements if the current actors don't sign new deals. Any comment?


Yeah, that’s not the case.

For one thing, the films wouldn’t need another story in which any character was replaced to do that. They’ve got decades of stories to draw upon, whether they’d want to make Eric Masterson or Jake Olson or Beta Ray Bill or Red Norvill or whomever Thor, and the same for Cap.

Plus, they can always simply do what they like in that regard. They don’t have to adapt what we’ve done in the books. If they want Robert Downey to lift up that hammer, then he will.

And also, of course, they can always recast. They’ve done it before with Bruce Banner, after all.

No, these stories are being done because they’re stories that our creators are excited to tell and that we think are interesting. No connection to the fate of the films in any way. (Which isn’t to say that the film guys couldn’t pick up on any or all of these events if it suited what they were trying to do at that point.)

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