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So I’ve been working on this for like four days…..a tribute to four of my favorite comic book writers: Matt Fraction (Sex Criminals, Hawkeye) as Mr. Faptastic, Kelly Sue DeConnick (Pretty Deadly, Captain Marvel) as Not-So Invisible Woman, Jason Aaron (Southern Bastards, Thor) as the Bearded Torch, and Brian Michael Bendis (er’thing else currently being printed….seriously, United States of Murder Inc., Powers) as the Thing that Writes. Some notes about the drawing:

1. Completely done on the computer. I did use the original as a reference and “swiped” as much as I could without tracing or copying. Jack “King” Kirby is a tough act to follow believe me.

2. I have met the fabulous Jason Aaron and I doubt he would yell something like this (I just met him once and he seemed like the quiet sort) and I do not mean to make fun of his southern heritage but meant this rather as a shout out (no pun intended) to his great new book, Southern Bastards with Jason Latour.

3. In the original Flo seems a bit timid and more than happy to let the men handle things. This is not Kelly Sue’s style and I’m almost positive that this is something she would say.

4. Again with the BMB writing a lot of books jokes. Seriously, I looked up prolific in the dictionary and his picture was in there. Surrounded by piles of cash and kids.

5. I easily could have included Chip Zdarsky and I thought about making him the monster but then I also thought about putting a dildo in Matt’s hand  so…..I also considered Michael Avon Oeming as a member but I like this group.

6. I hope everyone involved has a good sense of humor and does not take me into court….

I love it! I LOL’d at The Thing What Writes.

(Flo was, and is, is a badass though — google “Big Apple Comix” to find out more.)

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